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Specifically for Churches

Specifically for churches, but applicable to all our work.


Thank you for the opportunity to partner with your church. Our proposal is custom designed to meet your needs. The mission of Nailed Productions is to define your intent, draft your vision through modeling and detailed analysis, and bring that vision to life without compromise.


Our proposals provides a compendium of the specific components Nailed Productions has thoughtfully designated to upgrade your AV system. We are confident that your desired level of performance and aesthetics are achievable.

Thank you for the opportunity serve you. You may have noticed the cross in our company logo - this cross represents our deep commitment and love for God. Nailed Productions began with the desire to bridge the gap between the expertise of professional consultation - quality installation and affordability. Whether we are producing audiovisual content for a youth group camp, providing for a corporate charity benefit of six to eight hundred people, or designing and installing an audiovisual system for a church or business, we do so with dedication, prayer, and the client’s best interests in mind.

Audio Video and Lighting design in a Church:

Our first consideration of an audio, visual, and lighting (AVL) design is your budget. Nailed Productions takes pride in our 15+ years of experience and training in church AVL because it allows us to craft personalized audiovisual (AV) systems that provide the highest return on your investment. We refuse to sell you the most costly equipment for the highest margins. Instead, we want to discuss your current wish list, future desires, and create a plan with proven technology that will yield the highest value to your church.

Value-oriented thinking combines a balance between budget, cost over time, performance, features, size, efficiency, and durability to create the best fit for your personalized needs. We ask the hard questions such as: does the device meet the current needs? Will it meet future needs? Is it easy to use for volunteers? Is it manufactured by a company that stands behind their product? Does the design allow for future expansion as your church grows? These questions are utilized to determine if a device is the right investment.

When identifying the value of a device, one must also evaluate the longevity of a component. Not necessarily the lifetime of a component, but whether the new component is a band-aid to a larger problem, or if it is a final solution. Often churches and nonprofits opt for less effective AVL parts to save money. However, cheaper audiovisual solutions are usually outgrown quickly and under perform, leaving parts of the congregation in the dark literally and acoustically! Typically, investing in high-quality pieces saves time and money in the long run. Nailed Productions is committed to designing high-value audiovisual systems that last.

We know that volunteers are the backbone of the church, so every AVL system is designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind. Our experience producing live events through sound, lighting, and video technology in churches for over fifteen years allows for a unique perspective on how to best manage and utilize AV content to further God’s Kingdom. We are happy to provide basic training for the gear we install. Additionally, advanced training, suggestions for mixing, lighting, or video training courses and helpful guides and blogs are available as well.


We are committed to a long-term relationship and having a helpful attitude. Nailed Productions is proud to have the best interests of you and your congregation at heart!

Billy Russell, Pastor - Crosspoint

Bluewater, FL

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Jon Birkmire, Pastor - Anthem

Gainesville, FL

I have worked with the Nailed Productions Team on many different occasions and most recently they completed a HUGE install for us. Each step of the way they helped us save money while providing top notch customer service and they delivered an excellent product that exceeded our expectations. We will continue to use Nailed for all of our Audio Visual needs.

Nailed Productions

Chad Hamilton, CPA

Niceville, FL

Matt and Nathan are consummate professionals. We contracted with Nailed Productions to run the environment for our All Sports Association/FCA event in a local arena. They prepared for every detail and the event ran smoothly. We discussed our wishes for an amazing worship environment and they made that environment happen. I look forward to doing business with them again many times.

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